Mom´s Birthday

Looking at the clock, I notice it is midnight now. But I visited my mother yesterday, I mean some hours ago, because of her birthday. We both visited some shops later and I said she can choose a gift in any of the shops. She decided for clothes and a perfume. Then we went to her home and talked a little bit. Her husband had to work and she had no other visits because she planed to visit the family on the camp ground next Saturday, we all will make a barbecue. I wrote often about the camp ground and … Continue reading Mom´s Birthday

Summer and Ice Cream

Got this photo via whatsapp today. Family from Thuringia did send me the photo. What a tasty ice cream. Reminds me I should go eat ice cream soon too! I love it if you can be connected with family and friends even if they are far away. I am always happy if I get photos from them and if they tell us what they do and experience there in Thuringia. This is why modern technology is awesome. But now, I am simply hungry for ice cream. We have some great ice cream shops in Lübeck too and I think I … Continue reading Summer and Ice Cream