Cucumber feeding time in my fish tank

I just though that I show you one of my fish tank videos. I did buy a bio cucumber and did eat it but there was still a rest and I did read anywhere that you can feed your fish with cucumber as well. I really wanted to try that out and you can see it on the video here.

Looks like my siamese gyrinocheilid and siamese algae eater enjoyed the cucumber like I did. Well see the video but sorry for the bad cam quality. My cam is really not that good. Here is the video…


6 thoughts on “Cucumber feeding time in my fish tank

  1. I have a bunch of fish tanks and I never think to feed them cucumbers. I know my Plecostomus and Chinese Algae Eater would love it, so I am glad you posted this to help remind me to fed them some! Thanks!

  2. Hey and thanks for the comment 🙂
    Yes you should try that. Cucumber is something my ground fish really like. If you want to feed cucumber be sure that you only use and buy bio-cucumber and peel the cucumber.. well you know because if its not bio cucumber there can be very strong industrial fertilizer on the cucumber which can be poison for the fish. But with bio cucumber and peeled there should´t be a problem. I feed it often on this way. If its not bio cucumber you can still boil it out and then let it cool down a bit before feeding. 🙂

    Im glad that I did remind you to feed cucumber. 😀

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