Incredible! 20 DLC´s for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 in just 9 month! They want to milk you!

I couldn´t believe when I opened my Windows Live Mail today to read RSS news I get from different websites and magazines I like. One news came from a german gaming magazine called 4players. They wrote today that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 will be overwhelmed with 20 DLC´s in just 9 month. And indeed each Download Content will be fee required. The beginning of the DLC Season will be early 2012 and there will be new Multiplayer Maps as well as Special Ops Maps. So Activision will overwhelm you with fee required additional content.

Sorry for the german link but I guess if you google that, you´ll find english news about that topic as well.


Now if we think back, there is a logic, why Publisher and Developer like Activision and EA do not add modding support to there games anymore. In fact they do not want that gamers can create mods and maps because this would flood the game with new and gratis content. Because this would result to a community wich wouldn´t pay for DLC´s because there would be community made content for free which probably would still have better quality then charged content of the Publisher. Another bad thing for these sharks would be that you now spend more time with the game and this is not what they want because they want to sell you Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 soon as possible. That is not easy if you still have fun with the old Game.

Reading forums I believe that pretty much gamers are pissed about this sales strategy. But you know what? Those games anyway will be sold even with all the 20 DLC´s. Be sure. And that is the real sadness.

Overall what we notice now is that the gaming industry has changed a lot. I do not have much problems with capitalism but this what we notice now is something we rather should call hardcore capitalism. You are the cow and they want to milk you. The tempo of releasing 20 DLC´s in just 9 months is decisive here.

So wake up and stop supporting those sharks. The gaming industry was just fine years before. But I see the latest changes very critical. I look at it in disbelief.

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