I Love Gyros Pita

I woke up pretty late today and it was one of those days when you scratch your head how you can manage all the things at once. I had to make purchases, I had to meet my mother to bring her something and that all with a rebelling stomach because I woke up hungry to find out that there is nothing in the fridge anymore.

I called my mother by phone and told her that there is too much on my list and that I would like to visit her another day. I said I would need to go back and forth through the city and that while being pretty hungry. But then my mother said that they also need to make purchases and that they also didn´t eat yet. Then we arranged that we do all this together with the car. After shopping we decided to visit a greek snack bar…

Greek Snack Bar

As I am from Germany, I am not sure if you know Gyros Pita in your country. It´s pretty similar to a Doner Kebab (which we just call Döner here). But anyway there is still a little difference between Gyros Pita and a Döner.

I think a Döner contains a little bit more different salads. Gyros Pita usually just contains coleslaw, tzatziki and gyros meat. On the two images above you can see the gyros pita meal I bought in the greek snack bar. My mother and her husband bought the same meal. It´s delicious! Really delicious!

Oh and as always I had an special wish. I wanted to see ewe´s cheese on my gyros pita burger. The nice tasty cheese cubes you see on the first image of this article here. Also pretty delicious! That´s how we enjoyed the evening today.

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