Never Mess Around With Me. I´m a Lolcat!


The son of my mother´s husband did send me a pretty good photo of his cat. The overall quality of the image was not that great but I changed the image to black and white with Photoshop because I know that this effect can improve the quality of slighty overexposed photos. I also added a little bit more contrast and also made some gamma corrections. I think the photo is now a little bit more respectable.

He caught his own cat in the right moment. His cat gave a yawn and looks like he took the photo in the right moment. I thought this photo would be great as a cat meme and then I added the text “Never mess around with me! I´m a black panther! Raaaawww..” because I thought this fits to the image. I think the result is that we have now another new Lolcat Image in the interwebs. 🙂

If you are interested in funny memes, then you might check out my other attempts to create funny memes.

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