Ringing On The Door At Midnight Is Too Much

I really don’t have a huge problem if my neighbours have a nice party on the weekend with loud music. No really. In fact i do love music so much that i can understand if people want to enjoy music at least one day in a week loud. I am ok with that if it´s weekend. As a hobby guitar player i do need my times too so that i can play a little bit louder with my guitar. I also do browse youtube for songs a little bit louder some weekends. I love music and i can understand if other people do it too.

I am not a party pooper with my 30 years. Even if i need to sleep, i do think that it is possible if i am really tired. I always couldn´t understand if people say “hey i can´t sleep because of your music!” as i think you can sleep if you are really tired. If not, then it´s your problem and not the problem of the music of your neighbours. I am really not a person who can sleep at the touch of a button which means i have some sleep problems anyway but that is my problem and not theirs and i can live with it. So the music in the night was just ok when the neighbours were in their apartment. I did hear a little bit music and i assume that they enjoyed their music loud but the walls did a great job to catch most of the acoustic. For me it was not disturbing.

But one thing goes to far for my favor… If strangers ring on my door at 4 am while i am sleeping! And if those strangers shift the party out of their apartment in the hallway later. And they did it this night. After someone was ringing on my door, i opened and did head them off in the hallway. I did ask “who are you and why do you ring on my door at 4am??” and the people answered “we are invited to a person living above you and they probably didn´t open the door because they didn´t hear our ringing.”. I just said “wooohoo and then you thought it would be a great idea to get all the other neighbours out of the bed to open the door for the party instead of making a phone call or just dropping a message via facebook or whatever to the person who gives the party?”. Now these people asked me insolently where my problem is. I just answered that it is a real problem for me if strangers ring on my door at 4 am and get me out of the bed just because they are afraid to miss the party. They were some drunken young people and not really impressed by what i said and went up to my neighbour now without much more words.

I just ask my self where is the respect today? Hell yes, i did make a lot of parties when i was young too and i still do it today time by time. But there was always some kind of respect. We never did ring on any neighbour doors in the night expecting that they would open the door because my friend didn´t hear me ringing, lol. The people who did ring on my door in the night, found that pretty normal. Discussion with them would end in nothing and for the future i should just disable the bell of my door in the night on weekends if i need to sleep. This happened now several times that strangers do ring on my door. There are really people with bad behaviour. Someday the neighbour did ring on my door to tell me that his music could be a little bit louder and i told him that it´s just ok. I am afraid that he told his friends that i am friendly, that they could every time ring on my door… What ever is going on with them… I will catch me the neighbor today and i will tell him that this behavior is really a no-go and that he should take care about his friends next time otherwise there would arrive a lot of trouble and the end of the domestic peace. I tolerate a lot as i am not a party pooper. One time in a month or two, i invite friends for a party and some louder music too but my friends dont ring on strangers doors in the night. That is a real difference.

Also i lately do see the problem that i find a lot of waste in the hallway after my neighbor gave a party. I regularly find a lot of trash in the hallway on the next morning after his party. Stuff like empty canned beer, stickers from these bottles, dumped alcoholic liquids and even shards of their bottles. I will give him a last chance because if i notice this again, then i will contact the property management. A party is just ok time by time but there must be respect and a good behaviour. Is that really necessary to demolish and contaminate the hallway? We usually have a beautiful hallway because people take care about it everyday. But just because people constantly remove all the dirt which he and his friends bred.

I just can’t understand it if people dont respect the environment where they live. What kind of friends must he have, if they don’t respect that? I am not the only neighbor who did notice all that. I do live in the middle and the people on my left and right did notice destroyed plants and plant tubes in the hallway too. It´s really his last chance and there will be a conversation with him about these topics later. One more of these occurrences and it will be his last party at least in our residential community and i can ensure that. We all tolerate pretty much but he and his friends are going to far.

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