Reduced Dose

A week ago I wrote about how I was forced to think about quitting my medication which is used to treat my depressive disorder and anxiety disease. At that time I only had 5 pills left but couldn’t get new ones due to a serious supply bottleneck. So, I was forced to reduce my regular dose of 20mg down to 10mg, to have a few more days and to not discontinue too fast as this can have side-effects. Now I will write about what happened next. I went to my doctor to discuss the issue. He wanted to give me … Continue reading Reduced Dose

Alive and First Dental Operation Behind Me With Help of Midazolam

I wrote days ago why I didn´t have the time to write much here and why I didn´t want to write anything as I was too nervous. I am more relaxed now but there are still some dental operations next weeks but compared to the last one they are rather minor I guess. Yesterday (Wednesday) was the big day as I had to visit the oral surgeon because of a root end surgery for one tooth and an extraction of another tooth. I decided days before that I would not let them do all this with me without being sedated. … Continue reading Alive and First Dental Operation Behind Me With Help of Midazolam

How I hate sleepless nights…

I did have a sleepless night today. Ok I did sleep two hours but that is an amount which makes me feel like I didn´t sleep a minute. That makes me feel sick. And today I want to visit grandpa as the whole family will visit him, it´s his birthday. It´s still some time till then and I hope I am able to take a nap before I visit him. At the moment I feel completely awaken and can´t fall asleep at the moment. But as said, I hope I can do so later for some hours before the family … Continue reading How I hate sleepless nights…

Daily Prompt: Your Time to Shine

The Daily Post asks: Early bird, or night owl? I must admit that I am probably rather a night owl. Like most of us, I do have to be active on the day but I feel much better if it´s night. In my free time I often prefer to be active the whole night. I can release much more creativity and satisfaction in the night. But I do have sleep problems anyway. My day and night rhythm can change so often. I sometimes even can´t control my sleep rhythm. Yes, it is abnormal. I talked with my doctor about the … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Your Time to Shine

Ringing On The Door At Midnight Is Too Much

I really don’t have a huge problem if my neighbours have a nice party on the weekend with loud music. No really. In fact i do love music so much that i can understand if people want to enjoy music at least one day in a week loud. I am ok with that if it´s weekend. As a hobby guitar player i do need my times too so that i can play a little bit louder with my guitar. I also do browse youtube for songs a little bit louder some weekends. I love music and i can understand if … Continue reading Ringing On The Door At Midnight Is Too Much