Attentive Cat

Time for a Shyna photo again. I’d say, this time it’s a portrait of her. We shot that photo when I had her on a leash outside on a terrace. As a house cat, she was quite confused with all those strange sounds in this alien world outside. I say alien world, because she was really not used to it. It was quite funny but I wrote about that already too many times back then. Anyway, I liked the photos we shot because due to the fact that she was very attentive or that she tried to understand the new … Continue reading Attentive Cat

Sailor Figure

Above is a portrait that I shot of a figure that seems to present a sailor. These or similar figures are not very uncommon here at the Baltic Sea in Northern Germany. Especially near the beaches, you can often find similar figures in front of restaurants, and some are memorials at hidden places. I can’t recall if there was a story related to the figure in my picture, because sometimes there are small signs that tell you what the figure is about. But I think the sailor in my picture was just decoration in front of a restaurant near the … Continue reading Sailor Figure

A Couple in Love

Above you can see a photo of a gingerbread heart, I shot the photo today on the Christmas market in our city. On the right side you can see one with the text “Ich liebe Dich”, that means “I love you” in English. On the left side you see one with the text “Gib nicht auf” which means “Don’t give up”. But I don’t want to talk about this photo too much, I just thought it would fit to what I want to write next… Two strangers approached me today, it was a couple and they asked me if I … Continue reading A Couple in Love

There Is A 50mm Prime Lens On My Radar

I have chosen a photo for this post that I shot at 50mm with my Nikon 18-105mm kit lens. Taking a look into my Lightroom library, it’s clear I didn’t take a lot of photos at 50mm. This is no surprise due to the fact that I did spend most of my time in a village this year where it was quite easy to find beautiful birds, that’s why I purchased a 70-300mm lens at the beginning of this year. I’ve not been completely happy with the image quality of my tele lens, but still it amazed me to have … Continue reading There Is A 50mm Prime Lens On My Radar