Fallow Deer

Fallow deer

As I said often, I am also interested to upload my old photos that I shot a long time ago before I even owned a DSLR camera. At the top is a photo that I shot in 2012, how time flies. I am pretty sure I shot this photo with my old Medion Point-and-Shoot camera back then. The photo was shot in Mölln, a very beautiful place here in the North of Germany. I hope you like the photo. In my opinion it’s an example that you can also take interesting photos with cheap equipment, and that it’s more about what you get in front of the lens.

4 thoughts on “Fallow Deer

    1. I shot that with my old point-and-shot camera I think, which means I was just about one or two meters away from it. This was shot in Mölln, in a park where families can go, for example with their kids to see animals that have their habitat also in German forests. That park is a large area but closed. The animals are not shy and come to you, they are used to the park visitors, especially the deer. But it’s not like a zoo where the animals are behind fences… it’s a small forest where the animals roam around freely. So, taking photos of deer is easy in this park, even with a phone or point-and-shoot camera.

        1. It is, especially for the kids because there are also signs where you can learn things about wild life and plants 🙂 But mature people like me enjoy this too, of course 🙂

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