Old Weapon

Medion Life P43040 (MD 86830)

The photo above shows my old Medion 14.0 MP digital camera. I think my very first images on this blog were all taken with a phone camera but that was at a time when the cameras in phones were still not that good. So, to get a bit better photos I purchased the Medion camera back then and I think I shot quite a lot of photos with it over time. You could say this thing started my love with photography, and at some point I demanded a bit more and then I purchased my first DSLR camera, the Nikon D7100. Anyway, the Medion camera is definitely part of the history of this blog.

The photo of the Medion camera was shot with a phone camera I think. I just found the photo in my folders today and thought it would be a good product photo. The original was ok but I started to like the image a lot after I applied a black and white effect. For some reason I love black and white photos, it makes them look good or it’s just my taste. At times I really like to take photos of products or objects, I just didn’t upload many of this type yet. It’s interesting, you could not just say that the Medion camera got me into photography, it was probably my blog. Ironically, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my blog, I just started to craft my first post. That was in March 2011, time flies. But to be honest, I still don’t know today what I want to do with my blog, it’s more like a place where I can publish things, and that is totally fine and one of the reasons why I enjoy blogging.


6 thoughts on “Old Weapon

    1. I wouldn’t disagree, although todays phone cameras are probably better than this point-and-shoot camera I guess ūüėÄ Anyway, it did the job back then and I still didn’t thew it away because it basically started my deeper intererst in photography. ūüôā

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