Old Weapon

The photo above shows my old Medion 14.0 MP digital camera. I think my very first images on this blog were all taken with a phone camera but that was at a time when the cameras in phones were still not that good. So, to get a bit better photos I purchased the Medion camera back then and I think I shot quite a lot of photos with it over time. You could say this thing started my love with photography, and at some point I demanded a bit more and then I purchased my first DSLR camera, the Nikon … Continue reading Old Weapon

Your Previous Work Is Still Interesting

As soon as I got my first DSLR, I forgot about all the photos that I took with my smartphone or with the point and shoot camera. This is sad, and I got the idea to upload some of these older pictures from time to time (the flower photo in this post is a good start). While a DSLR gives us of course higher resolution and other good specs, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the photos are much better, you can also take great photos with lower end gear, because it’s not only about camera specs, it’s about the moments, … Continue reading Your Previous Work Is Still Interesting

Black And White Cat, Slightly Monochrome

When I took photos of my cat Shyna, she started to play with the strap of my digital camera. I really had to laugh but at the same time I realized that it would be the chance to get some funny shots. I will upload some of them over time. But I start with the one above. I edited the image with Photoshop and added a monochrome effect. But then there is also the original image… Only sad thing is that it seems that there were hairs on or near the lens. It looks like if there would be two … Continue reading Black And White Cat, Slightly Monochrome

Red-eyed Cat Shyna

Above you can see an image I shot of my cat Shyna. The lighting conditions were perfect as I mentioned earlier in my other article, so that even my cheap digital camera did do a good job. It´s impressive what this cheap digital camera and smartphones can do if all conditions are ok. You´re right, I edited the photo a little bit with Photoshop. I colored her eyes red and I have darken the background a little bit more and I also made adjustments with the shadows and highlights of the image. Here is another version without red eyes… The … Continue reading Red-eyed Cat Shyna

Wounded Guitar

I did talk about the guitar plaster already but the image above shows some of the wounds of my guitar. I do really like how much details my “abandoned” and cheap Medion camera can show. For this price it is really not a bad camera. The camera has something like a macro mode. You still can´t compare it with professional cameras or macro lenses but as said, for a cheap digital camera it is not too bad. Sometimes you can shoot great close up images with the camera. Continue reading Wounded Guitar