Red-eyed Cat Shyna

Shyna With Red Eyes (Photoshop)

Above you can see an image I shot of my cat Shyna. The lighting conditions were perfect as I mentioned earlier in my other article, so that even my cheap digital camera did do a good job. It´s impressive what this cheap digital camera and smartphones can do if all conditions are ok. You´re right, I edited the photo a little bit with Photoshop. I colored her eyes red and I have darken the background a little bit more and I also made adjustments with the shadows and highlights of the image. Here is another version without red eyes…

A Photo Of My Cat Shyna

The version above is not much different from the one with the red eyes. I really like surreal photos and it is a lot of fun to try things out with Photoshop but I also wanted to have a normal version without red eyes saved on my blog. The original image was not too bad but the background was too bright in my opinion and on the right side you could also see a little bit of the floor as you can see on the original image below…

Shyna Photoshoot Original Image Without Red Eyes

As said, the original image was already so great that I didn´t want to change that much. The lighting conditions were perfect and I also do think that I had a steady hand when I took the photo. While it is not bad what you can achieve with todays “casual cameras”, it´s still difficult as you start to demand more and more from your camera. At some point it won´t be enough and you will notice that you would like to have a camera with some more features. I believe should really consider to save up for a DSLR camera. I am already pretty much fascinated by photography.

Do you like the latest photo of my cat?


6 thoughts on “Red-eyed Cat Shyna

        1. Cool 🙂 Yes, similar. Looks like we both have a tuxedo cat. I know what you mean with the nose on the lense. Cats often think you want to play with them if you have something in the hand near them, even if it´s a camera. Shyna often wants to play and to cuddle with the camera too 😀

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