Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

Feeding My Cat

The motto of this weeks Photo Challenge is Threshold. They say that Threshold means that we can share a photo that captures the threshold. They mean that point just before any action happens. I though the photo above would fit pretty much. It´s before Shyna gets her favorite cat snacks.

It´s before I started to feed my cat. I took the photo when we shot all the other photos of an earlier set. The hasty furball image, the red-eyed cat photo, the photo for the cat tricks article, the funny meerkat cat trick article and the above my cat scene. All photos were taken on the same day.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

  1. Wow.. He/she resembles our cat. God how many cats look alike on this earth 🙂 Thanks for sharing…

    1. I noticed that too. 😀 Sometimes you find cats in the internet and even the fur patterns look exactly the same as the fur of your own cat.

  2. Shyna is extreme cute, isn’t she? XD~ I’m pretty she will get in trouble if she have to meet me in real life 😈

    1. Haha, this happened already some time ago. A friend asked “Please can I have her?”. I said “Noooo???” 😀 But I can understand this. She is really cute 🙂

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