Daily Prompt: Green-Eyed Lady

The Daily Prompt of today is about envy. What makes me feel jealous?

I am not often jealous as I do not care much about the things that others have. I take much more care about my own wishes and look how I can achieve my own goals. Somebody has a big house? I don´t care as I am quite happy with my small apartment. Someone has a fast and expansive car? I don´t care as I am not a car nerd. Someone has a super cool and better guitar than me? I care but only so far that I would see that this is a person with same interests and I guess we could have a chat about guitars. I am much more focused on things that are related to my own interests, but I am usually not a very jealous creature.

But at times it is a topic. I am maybe not jealous about people who have just a few coins more to spend than me, but I am at time jealous when it comes to the distribution of money in general. We had this topic sometime when I talked with friends. It´s about politics and maybe also about our society. How can it be that the laws are there to hunt little fishes, if they just had a little extra income this month? How can you put the small people into jail while very well-known people do tax fraud into the millions? Why is it that some people go sleep and wake up with yet another million, while others have to work of their life’s hours over hours to realize that they can´t even put something aside? Why is it that the little people would spend their last trouser button, while rich people wouldn´t even spend 0.1 % of their money? Why is it that there is so much money in the world, while there are still people who don´t have nothing? I could go on.

It makes me sometimes jealous that such a small amount of humans hold the biggest amount of money, while others are either completely poor so that they don´t even have something to eat (third world) or so poor (the western relation) that they are able to fill their fridges for no more than thirty days and that there is no money left for something else. This is maybe the only reason that makes me think jealous.

I know, not every rich person is a devil and there are some who do great things but I also know there are also those who do not care but only about their money. And then there is also an amount of rich people who show much more criminal energy than a small person could do. The distribution of the money is simply wrong in my opinion and sometimes I do wonder why those who got more, don´t have to give more. You maybe see my Robin Hood mentality now. But that´s how I think.

I am not jealous about anyone and I don´t even have a problem if somebody gets rich. But I see this person obliged because the backbone of the society are other people and without them, nobody could be rich. If you tax poor people too much and if you give them too less, they must find out how they get along. If you would tax rich people a little bit more, they probably could still get four mansions and what not. The distribution is wrong and I bet it wouldn´t hurt any rich person if they would have to give just a little more, for the common well.

Some of the friends think the same way and I wouldn´t say that we have this topic very often but if it comes up, everybody thinks there is something wrong. I am not that jealous that it drives me mad everyday. I don´t even think about it everyday, but if someone asks me for my opinion, I´d say how it can be that in a rich world, the word “poor” is still a term. That´s what I mean. And I´d say it´s because there are those who are still greedy enough, to never get their pockets full. I talk about certain companies, corrupt politicians, investors and other people who have the power and creativity to milk the cow to the last drop, without to see that it wouldn´t be possible if the cow would not be there. Again, I wouldn´t say that everybody is corrupt but it would also be a lie that there no corruption and greed in our world. That´s what I basically mean.

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Green-Eyed Lady

  1. Perhaps you are not really jealous of rich people. If you are like me, you are bothered by the injustice. If a person is rich because he or she earned the money by working hard or working smart, than I am happy for them. If, however, someone is rich because of bribes and corruption, than that person deservers my anger towards them.

    1. Exactly. It´s not about the amount of money in general or about all rich people. I think too that it is completely fine if someone got a lot because he earned it on a fair way. I also know that there are people with a lot, who additionally do good deeds because they can afford it.

      It´s more about the criminals and the greedy people who think out ways to soak the poors or even the middle class. And also those who got their money, as you said with corruption, bribes or even unethical business practices…

      It´s a while ago so that I can´t remind much details, but there was for example this report in german TV, about a german company that worked together with a south-american company or let me say very criminal people, who don´t even have a problem to demolish a village of south american people who live there, to dig up the raw materials. There was no compensation and people had to leave their village and the bulldozers were ready to do the job without announcement. When I saw this report, I did scratch my head and thought “Even if this particular german company is not directly involved, it´s disgraceful that they support or work with criminal people together, so that I do think the german company becomes an accessory of the crime, if not the catalyst because they want to get cheap raw materials to manufacture them to products to make profit”. It was about diamonds and other raw materials when I remember right and it is just one example that profit makes some people stop at nothing. In this case every involves person or company just saw profit and the people in the village were just a “confounder”. And I think this case is just one example where you can say “Wow, how can someone do something like this?”.

      Yes, I guess your description is better. It´s being bothered by the injustice in the world and not really envy. Good point.

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