It´s Not Bad To Teach Your Cat Tricks

Shyna And The Meerkat Trick

I have read in many cat forums and the general opinion seems to be that it is not ok to teach a cat tricks. Is it really not good to teach a cat tricks? In this article you will read my opinion. If you ask me and if you want my honest answer,…

Don´t listen to the jabbering you can find in all the cat forums where people mean they would be experts. Especially house cats need activity. Remember they have a small areal and they can´t do things they would otherwise do outside, like hunting for example. Any kind of activity is good and important and I do think it is a lie that it is bad to teach a cat tricks. It´s teamplay between you and your cat, it´s mind activity for your cat, it´s mutual interest and teaching a cat tricks is not impossible like many say. If you notice that your cat likes this kind of activity and learning, go and teach your cat tricks!

What are the arguments of people, who say teaching a cat tricks, wouldn´t be ok? Mostly they argue that cats are more self-willed than dogs and this is not wrong, but this still does not mean that they are uninterested to learn, to play or discover new activities. They are in fact very nosy and interested in activity. I also do think that their brains must have activity, remember they would hunt outside and this is not only physical activity but also brain tasks and most pure house cats can´t hunt anything as they don´t get out.

Then some people argue that cat´s shouldn´t be taught to perform like a robot or like a dog and that they shouldn´t be recipients of any orders. But why? First, the primary intention is to keep the cat busy and more activity results in a much happier cat, that´s my experience. If the argument is that cats are more self-willed, then the argument doesn´t work off as cats will show you anyway when they don´t want anything. They are self-willed enough to end a game or the exercises.

So, start some exercises and look if your cat likes it. Nobody does know your cat better than you, and if your cat enjoys it, go for it and teach her some tricks. I did that with my cat. It will be a hell of fun for you both and you will laugh a lot, that´s promised. 🙂


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