Give Me Five Cat

My cat Shyna knows quite a lot of tricks. When I shot the photo above, I said “Give me five” but in German. But I wouldn’t be surprised if she can do it if I say it in English. I say that because I taught her a lot of tricks and I noticed that she doesn’t only listen to me, it is also that she looks what my hands are doing. A flat horizontal hand for example does mean “Give me your paw”, while a vertical hand does mean “Give me five”. It works both ways, I can either use … Continue reading Give Me Five Cat

Don´t Bite The Finger, You Little Hasty Furball…

This is my favorite photo of the last weeks. I did feed Shyna but sometimes she is a little bit hasty. The photo looks as if she would bite into my finger but this was not her intention. I had her favorite treats in my hand and she couldn´t await to get them. No, it didn´t hurt. She is hasty but not brutal. 🙂 I took the photo at that time last week when I also shot the photo for the Inside Photo Challenge. The photo there should explain the situation a little bit better. Then we shot also this … Continue reading Don´t Bite The Finger, You Little Hasty Furball…

It´s Not Bad To Teach Your Cat Tricks

I have read in many cat forums and the general opinion seems to be that it is not ok to teach a cat tricks. Is it really not good to teach a cat tricks? In this article you will read my opinion. If you ask me and if you want my honest answer,… Don´t listen to the jabbering you can find in all the cat forums where people mean they would be experts. Especially house cats need activity. Remember they have a small areal and they can´t do things they would otherwise do outside, like hunting for example. Any kind … Continue reading It´s Not Bad To Teach Your Cat Tricks

How To Teach A Cat The Meerkat Trick Or The Stand Trick

I mentioned that I taught Shyna some tricks as she is really smart. Some time ago she started to stand up and it looked like she would imitate a Meerkat. Later I did have the idea to teach her some tricks and the Meerkat trick was on the list too. It´s not that difficult to teach as you might think. All you need is patience and a good idea how to do it. In case you have a cat and in case you are interested to teach the Meerkat trick, I will tell you how to do this. All you … Continue reading How To Teach A Cat The Meerkat Trick Or The Stand Trick

Is There Something Above You?

It looks so funny if Shyna plays the meerkat. I taught her how to do this (after I saw her doing this the first time) but the only problem is that she seems to like this now. On the image above, you can see her playing the meerkat again but this time accidentally. I point with my finger in the air if I want her to show the meerkat but the signal for “sit” is similar but if I want her to sit, I point my finger lower. On the image above I actually wanted her to sit down, as … Continue reading Is There Something Above You?