Is There Something Above You?

My Cat In Front Of The Red Curtain

It looks so funny if Shyna plays the meerkat. I taught her how to do this (after I saw her doing this the first time) but the only problem is that she seems to like this now. On the image above, you can see her playing the meerkat again but this time accidentally. I point with my finger in the air if I want her to show the meerkat but the signal for “sit” is similar but if I want her to sit, I point my finger lower. On the image above I actually wanted her to sit down, as I wanted to shoot new photos of her in front of the red curtain that is a nice background.

She did get my signal wrong I guess but the resulting photo is awesome anyway. Indeed, she will get a reward if we play those games. I reported that Shyna is somehow smart. I have heard that many do think, you shouldn´t teach a cat tricks but my opinion is the opposite. I do think that cats show willingness to learn and I do think that it is even good for their mind. In fact, Shyna often shows that she is unhappy if I stop the games too early. She can be very dissatisfied if we just made tricks for only two minutes. I should make a video some day as she can do a lot of tricks.

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