Give Me Five Cat

My cat Shyna knows quite a lot of tricks. When I shot the photo above, I said “Give me five” but in German. But I wouldn’t be surprised if she can do it if I say it in English. I say that because I taught her a lot of tricks and I noticed that she doesn’t only listen to me, it is also that she looks what my hands are doing. A flat horizontal hand for example does mean “Give me your paw”, while a vertical hand does mean “Give me five”. It works both ways, I can either use … Continue reading Give Me Five Cat

Shake Hands Kitty

Not much new stories to tell, I’ve been quite busy with some bureaucratic stuff over the last days. You know, annoying paperwork and so. Apart from that, we had some really good days here and I would say we have the first signs of spring weather. The husband of my mother and me went to the garden last sunday and we saw first flowers and noticed the first warm sunbeams. I didn’t take much pictures that day, I maybe have some on my phone. But I have a new photo of Shyna for you as you can see above. With … Continue reading Shake Hands Kitty

Kitty Ping-Pong And Some Thoughts About Teaching Cats

Do you know kitty ping-pong? If not, watch my attached video. My cat loves to play a variant of ping-pong. I roll a ball in her direction and she shoots the ball back to me and sometimes also in other directions. To be honest, I taught her this game. I did roll the ball in front of her paws and waited if she would use her paws to roll it back to me. When this happened, I did give her a reward, one of her favorite cat treats. We did repeat this quite often until she started to understand the … Continue reading Kitty Ping-Pong And Some Thoughts About Teaching Cats

Some Minutes of Cat Training

I always wanted to create this video but I dislike video editing or I don´t enjoy it as much as I love to play with other graphic tools. Anyway, I´ve done it now. I mentioned several times that I do practice tricks with my cat and that she is kinda talented but I just have shown you images but not videos. I always wanted to record one of our training sessions. Now I did that and you can see some minutes of our training unit in the following video… In this training session we did practice “sit”, “give me paw”, … Continue reading Some Minutes of Cat Training

Handshake Kitty

The image above is some months old and in bad quality but it shows how Shyna gives me a handshake. This is just another trick I tought her. I usually say “Give me five” in German, while showing my hand vertical near her paws, and then she does give me her paws. She also knows how to give paw in another variant but then I show my flat opened hand horizontal. It works in different ways too as you can see on the image. It´s pretty cute. It´s some time ago when I taught her how to do this but … Continue reading Handshake Kitty

It´s Not Bad To Teach Your Cat Tricks

I have read in many cat forums and the general opinion seems to be that it is not ok to teach a cat tricks. Is it really not good to teach a cat tricks? In this article you will read my opinion. If you ask me and if you want my honest answer,… Don´t listen to the jabbering you can find in all the cat forums where people mean they would be experts. Especially house cats need activity. Remember they have a small areal and they can´t do things they would otherwise do outside, like hunting for example. Any kind … Continue reading It´s Not Bad To Teach Your Cat Tricks