Physiotherapy Next Monday

I mentioned that I have problems with my jaw since a dental treatment and today I visited the oral surgeon again. They did measure how I can open my mouth and they said I would only be able to open my mouth 15 millimeter. The doctor said that they had problems to open my mouth while the dental treatment (I was sedated) over a month ago and today they said that they did manually open my mouth while the treatment at that time.

She said that this could have caused either that my jaw musculature is overstretched or that my jaw joint is shifted. Well, I did hear a similar opinion in the hospital. I got a letter of referral to a physiotherapist and the first appointment will be next monday but altogether there will be six appointments which means it will take some time, maybe months. After that, we will see if it´s better and if not, then the doctor wants to check out my jaw again.

I asked by the way if this happens often and they said it happens very often after a treatment with a sedative anesthesia. But I do still wonder as I never had jaw problems after a dental treatment and it was not my first treatment with a sedative (due to my dental anxiety). I hope this was not a medical error, really.

4 thoughts on “Physiotherapy Next Monday

    1. Thank you Renard. I hope that too. I think there are health problems that are worse than jaw problems, but anyway I am a little bit stressed out that I have so much doctor appointments and that I must be careful when I eat, as it would hurt otherwise and that it is not easy to eat at the moment. Hope the physiotherapy will help…

      But it´s good that we have weekend now. Time to relax, the week was stressful with many appointments and so. Time to get the head free 🙂

      I wish you a great weekend Renard. 🙂

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