Physiotherapy Next Monday

I mentioned that I have problems with my jaw since a dental treatment and today I visited the oral surgeon again. They did measure how I can open my mouth and they said I would only be able to open my mouth 15 millimeter. The doctor said that they had problems to open my mouth while the dental treatment (I was sedated) over a month ago and today they said that they did manually open my mouth while the treatment at that time. She said that this could have caused either that my jaw musculature is overstretched or that my … Continue reading Physiotherapy Next Monday

Daily Prompt: Your Time to Shine

The Daily Post asks: Early bird, or night owl? I must admit that I am probably rather a night owl. Like most of us, I do have to be active on the day but I feel much better if it´s night. In my free time I often prefer to be active the whole night. I can release much more creativity and satisfaction in the night. But I do have sleep problems anyway. My day and night rhythm can change so often. I sometimes even can´t control my sleep rhythm. Yes, it is abnormal. I talked with my doctor about the … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Your Time to Shine

He is just a drunken men…

Today I went out and saw some people walk along a men who was laying in the cold snow. As always, the people in front of me didn´t care about the men. I give weight to “as always” because this is so typical for many people here. No joke… Many don´t really care about other people who might need help. I couldn´t pass by because I felt how cold it was outside and that he looked frozen and wet… I asked him if he needs help while I noticed how stupid the question was. However, it´s a good way to … Continue reading He is just a drunken men…

My Cat Shyna Visited the Vet Today

As mentioned, my cat Shyna visited the Vet today and she was so brave! She endured it brave while she was a little bit shy, clueless and nervous. The doctor didn´t even have to hold her all the time. Shyna did sit on the table brave most of the time. I am so proud of her. I wrote already that we planed the date with the Veterinarian for early 2013. Today we did it because I wanted that my cat gets a immunization against cat plague and cat flu. Even if she is a home cat, I think it is … Continue reading My Cat Shyna Visited the Vet Today

It was a little bit quite on my Blog lately… a Story about Hospital and so.

Recently I was not in the mood to write for my blog due to different reasons. I had to visit the hospital last week because I had acid reflux. I was invited to the birthday of my grandpa and we did eat something, later I felt sickness after a “sting feeling” near my gullet and I had to go outside because I felt that sick. I decided to go home because I had to puke and after this I thought I could collapse, it was horrible. I did call my mother and she told my uncle to drive me to … Continue reading It was a little bit quite on my Blog lately… a Story about Hospital and so.