He is just a drunken men…


Today I went out and saw some people walk along a men who was laying in the cold snow. As always, the people in front of me didn´t care about the men. I give weight to “as always” because this is so typical for many people here. No joke… Many don´t really care about other people who might need help. I couldn´t pass by because I felt how cold it was outside and that he looked frozen and wet…

I asked him if he needs help while I noticed how stupid the question was. However, it´s a good way to start the communication. I also added “What happened? Do you need a doctor?”. He answered with a russian and drunken accent “I do think you can help me!” and I answered “Yes, this is why I talk to you” and did know now that he is pretty much drunken. Some people who passed by befor me maybe did suppose this but in my opion people should even help a completely drunken men. He didn´t show any agressive behaviour.He was completely helpless laying in the snow. He said “You can help me with some money, I need to buy some drinks! Some drinks!”. I just answered “I can´t help you with any money because it looks like this would make your situation worsen”.

I now thought it would be better to help him up before I continue talking with him. It was not easy. When I helped him up, I asked myself if this was a good idea. I was afraid that he could now fall over again. At the same time there were more people passing by with a upset mien. I asked one of the strangers if he can help me and if we should call a doctor and he just answered “Why? He is just a drunken men!” and I answered “Is this a reason to refuse help?” and added “He is no longer in control of himself which means he need´s help now!”. I was pretty much pissed now, you know? This can make me agressive at least mentally. I couldn´t convince the stranger and thought “Fucking asshole!”. Those people forget that we all could be in trouble some day, maybe another kind of trouble but nevermind what kind of problems, I just hope that other people will notice and help me.

The drunken men did still tumble while I did hold his arm. Yes, he his coat looked pretty dirty and I dislike it too but this is no reason to refuse help. I thought I still can wash my hands later. Because the men did still tumble, I now thought it would be best to call a doctor. I used my smartphone to call them and they arrived. They talked to him and said “Thank you” to me. I thought he is now in good hands said good bye while the drunken men did repeat several times to say “Thank you!” as well.

I walked away and didn´t even feel like a hero. I just felt that it was right what I did and that it is sad that so many people don´t feel the same. Helping people at need is the responsibility of anybody. Getting help at need is what anybody hopes for. I can´t see a difference between a men on the ground for example with a heart attack or apoplectic stroke to a men on the ground who is drunken and probably a strong alcoholic. If they lay helpless on the ground, then they share one thing… they need help. Point. And the cold snow makes the situation worse. Those temperatures can hurt and kill people.

You know, I read things in the newspaper which make me think “What the fuck?”. Things about accidents on a road where it takes seven cars passing by until one will hold to help or at least call help. This is a sad sign. But on the other side, I am lucky that there are at least a few who would hold. I always want to be like them. I don´t think about it… I see it as my responsibility.

Back to the drunken men… I do think they drove him to the hospital and advised him that he can get help and that there are capabilities for homeless people in germany. I think they will explain him what is possible… I hope he will accept the advice. I really hope this.

What I did today, is not playing the hero… I don´t feel this way. What I did is what everybody should do. Going through the life with opened eye´s. Helping if the situation demands it, helping… even if it´s calling help with the phone. But this is in many situations a big help.

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