Good Day

I had sleep problems over the last weeks, that sometimes still happens but last night I slept very well. That means I woke up with much power and happiness. It’s a Sunday and I wanted to start the day slow but when I booted up the PC, I noticed the date and it came into my mind that it is election day. I am talking about the elections to the city-state parliament of Lübeck. So, I looked for the polling paper and found it near the TV. After breakfast and shower, I shut the PC down and went outside to … Continue reading Good Day

Little League Photo Shooting

When all your friends and family members know that you are into photography, it sometimes happens that they ask you if you can shoot photos for them. That’s basically how I often got a chance to gain experience in portrait photography as well. As with everything, you have to learn it, by just doing it. When I go through my library, I see how my portraits got better and better, although there is probably still room to improve. I don’t own an external flash yet, but I think that could improve my portraits too in the future. To get back … Continue reading Little League Photo Shooting

If You Notice That An Old Friends Has Now Bad Company

I was in trouble yesterday. But it was one of those situations that I would call “Life Lessons”. I met someone who did count to my friend circle years ago. Days ago we decided that we would meet each other again after a long time. We met outside and I realized he had some other people around him, and he said they would be some cool guys. Well, you believe it if you don´t know the opposite but it didn´t take me too long to realize they are absolutely the opposite of cool. One guy of them did tell me … Continue reading If You Notice That An Old Friends Has Now Bad Company

Daily Prompt: Always Something There to Remind Me

From the Daily Post: A song comes on the radio and instantly, you’re transported to a different time and place. Which song(s) bring back memories for you and why? Be sure to mention the song, and describe the memory it evokes. This is hard to answer. There are many songs that remind me to a particular situation or time from the past. And each year there are new songs that will remind me to something years later too. I can´t mention a song as I would need to list many songs here. But I can say that it happens often … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Always Something There to Remind Me

Stage Fright While Samsung 105-inch UHD TV Presentation

Film director Michael Bay (his films: Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, Transformers) seemed to have stage fright on Samsung’s CES 2014 press event while the presentation of Samsung´s new 105-inch UHD TV. Bay came on stage and did look instantly very uncomfortable in his situation. There was an accident with the teleprompter and it looks like Bay then tried to improvise and that didn´t work out well for him either. He apologized and left the stage immediately. Looks like he couldn´t manage the situation. He completely froze before he left the stage. I think these things can happen if you heavily rely … Continue reading Stage Fright While Samsung 105-inch UHD TV Presentation

He is just a drunken men…

Today I went out and saw some people walk along a men who was laying in the cold snow. As always, the people in front of me didn´t care about the men. I give weight to “as always” because this is so typical for many people here. No joke… Many don´t really care about other people who might need help. I couldn´t pass by because I felt how cold it was outside and that he looked frozen and wet… I asked him if he needs help while I noticed how stupid the question was. However, it´s a good way to … Continue reading He is just a drunken men…