Helping Hand

I am not very religious, but that doesn’t exclude to be a help or to do good things. I often helped people in my life, on my own ways, and with my possibilities. I think I learned this from my mother. She always walked with opened eyes through her life, and where others looked away, she offered help. Sometimes it’s about tiny things, other times your help matters a lot. You definitely can’t save everyone and the whole world, but you can contribute by noticing the things that happen around you. It’s impossible to write it all down, and it’s … Continue reading Helping Hand

Talking About The Brain Tumor

As some of my regular readers might have notices, I moved to another town where I stayed for almost four months to help my uncle. I moved there with my most important things, including my cat you see in the photo of this post, and my computer and a couple of other things I needed, as I was aware it could be a longer stay. Some days ago I moved back into my own apartment in my hometown, because my uncle has a couple of appointments in the hospital in my town. I didn’t go into detail back then for … Continue reading Talking About The Brain Tumor

Moved For A While

So, here comes a small update,… I moved out of my apartment, at least for a while. This is just temporary, I will go back to my apartment. As I mentioned some time ago, my uncle got some health problems, and he felt better after a while, but over the recent weeks he got some bad symptoms, but the doctor said the symptoms will disappear. However, I don’t want to write about it in detail, but he needs help at the moment, which is why I moved to my uncle for a while, together with my cat Shyna. We got … Continue reading Moved For A While

Daily Prompt: Daring Do

The Daily Prompt writes… Tell us about the time you rescued someone else (person or animal) from a dangerous situation. What happened? How did you prevail? And I do think this is the chance to highlight one of my articles from the past, which is related to a dangerous situation. I have been asked by someone to help him to commit suicide but what I did was calling help with my phone at home, as I did not have a mobile phone with me at that time. It was a shocking and horrible experience and I hope the experts were … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Daring Do

He is just a drunken men…

Today I went out and saw some people walk along a men who was laying in the cold snow. As always, the people in front of me didn´t care about the men. I give weight to “as always” because this is so typical for many people here. No joke… Many don´t really care about other people who might need help. I couldn´t pass by because I felt how cold it was outside and that he looked frozen and wet… I asked him if he needs help while I noticed how stupid the question was. However, it´s a good way to … Continue reading He is just a drunken men…