My Cat and Talking About Fears

I uploaded so many other cat photos but I sometimes also want to upload photos of my cat Shyna. You will find one at the bottom. But before that, I also want to use the post to talk about something I heard on the weekend. A friend didn’t answer my WhatsApp messages last week and on the weekend I got a reply that looked like “Sorry that I didn’t reply, I had to put my cat to sleep and this made me feel horrible”. That was sad and I told him that I understand and asked him if he wants … Continue reading My Cat and Talking About Fears

Rest In Peace Uncle

Two weeks ago my uncle came into the hospice and we visited him every day. Today in the morning around 8am he fell asleep and died a peaceful death. Generally, his last weeks have been very peaceful without pain. We told him a lot of nice things, but he couldn’t answer anymore but he did not unlearn how to smile. And we all mastered non-verbal communication. He slept a lot, but when he woke up, it was still possible to reach him. There have been silent moments, or moments where we talked about past days and other beautiful things and … Continue reading Rest In Peace Uncle

Old Female Eurasian Blackcap Bird

Not every photo comes with a happy story. When I did hike through a small forest in Reinfeld, I noticed a bird sound in the shrubs. I found the bird in the photo of this post close to me, I was surprised because the bird was just a few meters away from me and it did not fly away when I came closer. Birds don’t let you come that close, and here is the sad story, the did just walk away from me, which is why I assumed that it had trouble to fly. I thought it was an old … Continue reading Old Female Eurasian Blackcap Bird

A Story About Suicide

Let me say this first, you don’t have to worry about me, this story is not about me. I was actually not that sure what kind of headline I could use without shocking my readers that something is wrong with me. This story will be about suicide because one of my distant relatives has committed suicide weeks ago. See the following also as a trigger warning, I don’t want you to have a bad day. The story is sad, if you had suicide in your circles, my story might trigger emotions. Or if you just don’t want to read a … Continue reading A Story About Suicide

He is just a drunken men…

Today I went out and saw some people walk along a men who was laying in the cold snow. As always, the people in front of me didn´t care about the men. I give weight to “as always” because this is so typical for many people here. No joke… Many don´t really care about other people who might need help. I couldn´t pass by because I felt how cold it was outside and that he looked frozen and wet… I asked him if he needs help while I noticed how stupid the question was. However, it´s a good way to … Continue reading He is just a drunken men…