My Cat Shyna Visited the Vet Today

As mentioned, my cat Shyna visited the Vet today and she was so brave! She endured it brave while she was a little bit shy, clueless and nervous. The doctor didn´t even have to hold her all the time. Shyna did sit on the table brave most of the time. I am so proud of her.

I wrote already that we planed the date with the Veterinarian for early 2013. Today we did it because I wanted that my cat gets a immunization against cat plague and cat flu. Even if she is a home cat, I think it is important.

The good thing is that we connected this with an examination which didn´t cost me any cent more. The immunization and examination were all-inclusive. They first weighted my cat. Shyna was even brave when the doctor opened the mouth of her. The doctor said that she has just a little dental calculus but only in the back of the mouth. We can remove this next time we visit the vet. It is nothing problematic. Nothing we should do soon as possible as it is not too much dental calculus.


Also they proofed if my cat has any small animals in the fur but they didn´t found any. Shyna got the injection by the doctor at the same time while the doctor’s assistant stroke her. Again Shyna was so brave and I didn´t lose the impression that my cat didn´t notice the shot. Then they did put my cat back to the pet carrier. We had a small talk, I payed and I went home. So proud of my cat 🙂

I think our vet is very good. They were tender and careful with Shyna.

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