My Cat after her Surgery

My cat Shyna had a surgery and I wrote about it. It was a castration and they also removed dental calculus. The evening after the surgery was pretty exhausting. Not only for my cat.. but also for me. It was sad to see my cat in such a bad condition because of the general anesthetic aftermath and I am pretty sure she felt pain as well. You can read in the comment section of the other blog post that it was not easy for me. Shyna lurched, dribbled and puked a lot. It was a long night for us both. I simply couldn´t sleep. I wanted to take care about her.

Next days I was also tensed up due to the fact that I did need to monitor her because of the wound. It was very important that she didn´t lick the wound. Those of you who have a cat at home noticed maybe that the tongue of a cat is very rough if they lick your arm for example. This rough tongue could injure the wound and this is why I couldn´t lose sight of my cat all the days. The wound of the castration was not stitched but pasted.

My cat needed peace for the first days. And here are three photos of her which I took after the surgery…

As you can see on the photos, she looks in a different direction on each photo. I noticed this the whole evening. She was still pretty drugged and exhausted anyway. I also noticed her huge pupils. It was so sad.

But this is already nine days ago now. We visited the vet again and they said the pasted wound looks good. They said it is healing good and that I should not be surprised if I notice a bump on or near the wound because this is normal. Another day I then noticed the mentioned lump.

So, as every day I did examine her wound today again and the lump is now only tiny and the pasted wound looks even better than on the day when we again visited the veterinarian. I think she is over the hill and she also looks pretty agile yet again which means the exhausting days are over. I anyway still don´t like to play with her because I am too afraid because even if the wound looks pretty good, I am careful at this point. I think I give her some more days… maybe one week and then we will go over to the usual daily plan with much playing and more action than the last days.

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4 thoughts on “My Cat after her Surgery

  1. It’s really nasty when your pet is ill. I was very anxious when my cat (Alleycat) was posioned and it was touch and go for a while until he recovered. Best wishes to Shyna!

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