We Need A Vet Appointment

I shot the photo at the top with my phone. When I sit at the computer, my cat sometimes joins me and it’s quite cute how she finds a comfortable position at the desk. But I want to talk about something else today. Still related to my cat but an issue I discovered. I noticed that Shyna got a very bad breath, like really bad. I started to wonder if she might have dental problems. I checked her denture, which is of course not easy with a cat but if I could see something at all, it’s maybe dental calculus. … Continue reading We Need A Vet Appointment

Wound Healing Equipment For The Cat

Two weeks ago I had to visit the vet because I noticed that my cat Shyna had several smaller crusty wounds on the back. I maybe wouldn’t even have noticed it, the only reason why I noticed it was that there was also no fur. I was afraid she could have flees, biting lice or mites. I got the idea because my mother and her husband have a chicken coop in the garden that I entered a few times the week before. The evening when I noticed her problem, I researched on Google and thought it could also be an … Continue reading Wound Healing Equipment For The Cat

My Cat after her Surgery

My cat Shyna had a surgery and I wrote about it. It was a castration and they also removed dental calculus. The evening after the surgery was pretty exhausting. Not only for my cat.. but also for me. It was sad to see my cat in such a bad condition because of the general anesthetic aftermath and I am pretty sure she felt pain as well. You can read in the comment section of the other blog post that it was not easy for me. Shyna lurched, dribbled and puked a lot. It was a long night for us both. … Continue reading My Cat after her Surgery

The Date with the Veterinarian

Today I carried my cat Shyna to the veterinarian. We had a date there for castration and removing her dental calculus under general anesthetic. We did plan this all already on our last date. However, there was anyway a small examination today. They did weigh my cat again and told me her weight is 3.5 kg. They also listened to her heart and said that everything sounds ok. I carried her to the veterinarian at 9 am and they told me I can pick her up at 6 pm. I must say I was so nervous and I still am. … Continue reading The Date with the Veterinarian