Bad Day for Kitty

Today was the planned surgery as my cat needed dental restoration. I went there in the morning and as always, I’ve been more anxious than my cat, especially when I heard the all too common hints about the risks of anesthesia. I calmed myself down and told myself that we humans hear the same hints before surgery. I got told that I can pick up my cat 8 hours later in the afternoon. So, I did that. I got told they removed dental calculus as planned and they extracted two teeth. They told me again that her ivories are according to age and that they didn’t have to remove more teeth. However, they noticed that her anal glands were extreme, so they emptied them too. That was unplanned but since my cat had issues with that in the past, I’ve been happy that they’ve emptied them today too.

My cat had to be on empty stomach, 12 hours before surgery no food, and 2 hours before surgery no water. After the surgery, I got told that I can give her water but no food today. She can start eating tomorrow. I feel bad for her but I get the point because it would make it more difficult if she pukes, and she’s already doing that but more about that at the end. So, I can’t await tomorrow because it must be bad for her with the empty stomach for so long but I do definitely listen to the vet’s advice. Before I went home, I also got the all too common hint that it’s better to not pay attention to the cat at home as they’re already stressed and it wouldn’t help them. As usual, this meant that I only opened the transport box at home and let her get out on her own. No attention from me after that either. But honestly, she’s still drunken from anesthesia anyway and it almost seems like she doesn’t even notice me at the moment (lol).

Right now she’s hidden and it’s quiet. I use that time to write this post. I said “quiet” because she puked every 10 minutes a short while ago. I felt bad for her but also for the parquet in my apartment. I am living here for over 15 years and the parquet doesn’t have the greatest sealing anymore in some areas as it is even older than the time I’ve been here. This means that any fluid that I don’t wipe away, might soak into the wood, which would result in ugly spots. So, guess what my job is today. Right, I watch out for droplets and drool on the ground regularly today. Yes, she’s drooling a lot right now too, which is something I expected to happen. If this doesn’t stop today, she might need to sleep in my corridor today, that’s where I have tiles. As said, the parquet needs to be freshly polished and sealed at some point anyway, but until then I really don’t want to damage it further. And she also pukes, only fluids but then again, I have to watch out for that. Take a look at the photo, here’s how she looks like today…

kitty after surgery and anaesthesia

I really feel bad for her today, she’s really K.O right now. Still super drunken and helpless. Puking, drooling and so. I hope it gets better tomorrow. We haven’t had it that bad when she got anesthesia in the past when she was neutered. This time it is more difficult for her, even tho her vet said that she woke up nicely and that she makes a very fit impression for her age. So, again, I hope she feels better tomorrow. The important thing is that she got help, that some issues might be solved now. In the end, I show you a video of her jumping out of the transport box when we arrived at home. I didn’t help her out, I explained why. Here is the video…

11 thoughts on “Bad Day for Kitty

        1. Fortunately, I never puked after anesthesia. That must be horrible. But I’ve been K.O, sleepy and groggy for 24h or 48h after it. My last one was really bad because I had severe amnesia for 2 days straight as a side-effect. I slept at my mother’s apartment because it was way too dangerous alone at my apartment. I did for example forget that I wanted to cook and the ceramic glass cooktop was hot… I wondered who wanted to cook and realized I live alone. It must have been me, who wanted to cook. That was a big “Nope, I am going to call family and sleep there for two days”. Very scary and I imagine this is how it must be like when we’d get dementia. It was a very scary experience but I’m glad it was just side-effects.

    1. Yeah, and now it’s hours later and she’s still a little bit wobbly. She pukes less now, but she still pukes and she looks ill. I hope it’s better when I wake up later. Hard to see her like that. But I think it’ll be ok soon.

        1. I just woke up an hour ago and was surprised when I saw her… she looks surprisingly good now. She’s not wobbly anymore but still a bit shy. She got her first food bowl now and the pain killers from the vet. She’s now exploring the rooms because as said, I did let her sleep in the corridor but she didn’t puke overnight. I also don’t see drooling anymore. Let’s see.

    1. Yeah. I just woke up and she looks more fit today. I gave her food and the painkiller from the vet now. I hope she doesn’t puke today. It’ll be ok soon.

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