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Way Back to Top Form

my cat

The image at the top is an older photo of my cat Shyna. But I thought I do a small update about her. As you know, she had a bad day after her surgery as she puked the entire day. I actually thought it wouldn’t be much better the next day because she looked very ill after the surgery. But to my surprise, she was already back to top form the next day. Because on Thursday, there was no saliva at her mouth anymore and she also didn’t puke anymore. But not just that, she also came to me and demanded that we play.

She was absolutely fit and I was happy about that. Now, some days have passed and she looks like nothing ever happened. But as a precaution, she’s still getting the pain killer into her food each morning until the small bottle is empty because that’s what the vet suggested and I also think this is better as she might still have wound pain where the two teeth were pulled. I don’t know, but I listen to the suggestion of the vet. Anyway, I am happy she recovered so fast.


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