My Cat after her Surgery

My cat Shyna had a surgery and I wrote about it. It was a castration and they also removed dental calculus. The evening after the surgery was pretty exhausting. Not only for my cat.. but also for me. It was sad to see my cat in such a bad condition because of the general anesthetic aftermath and I am pretty sure she felt pain as well. You can read in the comment section of the other blog post that it was not easy for me. Shyna lurched, dribbled and puked a lot. It was a long night for us both. … Continue reading My Cat after her Surgery

How can I get a cat?

Very important prologue… Some people ask “How can I get a cat” and I thought I do write about the topic and what the possibilities are. First of all I really really suggest you to read about cats before you think about getting a cat. I say this because the animal shelter are often full of animals which were set out forsaken anywhere. I do not want to say that you would do the same but please read anyway because a cat is not only fun, a cat is also demanding. I just do mention this because it is a … Continue reading How can I get a cat?

What you can do if your cat is bored…

If your cat is bored, you maybe need to become creative. Some cats do need more activity and some less. But they do still have a hunting instinct and you can make use of this fact. I noticed the more I play with my cat, the more she gets creative and imaginative to keep herself busy. So, I want to say the more you play with a cat the more it will find ideas to be busy even without your help in the future. I agree there are some cats who are rather lazy but in many cases it is … Continue reading What you can do if your cat is bored…

My Cat Shyna Visited the Vet Today

As mentioned, my cat Shyna visited the Vet today and she was so brave! She endured it brave while she was a little bit shy, clueless and nervous. The doctor didnĀ“t even have to hold her all the time. Shyna did sit on the table brave most of the time. I am so proud of her. I wrote already that we planed the date with the Veterinarian for early 2013. Today we did it because I wanted that my cat gets a immunization against cat plague and cat flu. Even if she is a home cat, I think it is … Continue reading My Cat Shyna Visited the Vet Today

How to Reduce Stress for your Cat when you visit the Veterinarian

This is my cat watching out of her Pet Carrier before we went to the Veterinarian today in the morning. She still looks a little bit suprised and it looks like she has questions like “What? We go to the Vet today?”. But in fact it was so easy to get her into the Pet Carrier because we practiced this a lot. So what you see on the photo is not a stressed or afraid cat. She just looks nosy because my Smart Phone I used to take photos So I would like to explain how you can decrease stress … Continue reading How to Reduce Stress for your Cat when you visit the Veterinarian