What you can do if your cat is bored…


If your cat is bored, you maybe need to become creative. Some cats do need more activity and some less. But they do still have a hunting instinct and you can make use of this fact. I noticed the more I play with my cat, the more she gets creative and imaginative to keep herself busy. So, I want to say the more you play with a cat the more it will find ideas to be busy even without your help in the future.

I agree there are some cats who are rather lazy but in many cases it is also due to the fact that the can opener is sometimes not creative enough to engage the cat. What I said is not a reproach to people who think that their cat is bored, it´s rather something I had in mind when I talked to a friend who told me that his cat sleeps most of the time of a day. He said his cat is boring but at the same time I know he told me that he does  not have a lot of ideas to engage his cat.

Sure, if you come up with the same stuff over and over again, then your cat will not be enthusiastic. There must be some variety for sure and your cat will overcome boredom all by herself soon, but even then you shouldn’t stop to develop creative ideas to have a fun time with you cat.

There are several toys for cats and you can even create your own. And sometimes you don´t even need any toys. Apart from usual toys like the feather toy, cat rods and cat tunnels you could for example play hide and seek with your cat, just run away and hide yourself in another room and wait, I do this pretty often with my cat and she likes it. She will seek you and you can repeat that several times. You maybe will find out that your cat is excited about the game. I noticed that my cat even likes to turn the table, and then I have to find her in the apartment. This is what I mean with creativity, with different game ideas you can achieve that your cat will get creative too.

Another idea is that you could hide some of the prefered treats, nevermind if the cat will find it next minute or in some hours, it doesn’t matter, but the point is that you engage her and this is great. You will see appreciation.

Or what about taking a paper and hide a treat in it before your rumple the paper? Just lay the paper on the ground and look if your cat will have success to get the treat. Different cats like different games and you can think out many games. If your cat is bored with one game, well then you can think out another one.

I need to say it again, it is good because you can literally activate your cat. I for example had a bored cat but I noticed that playing with her every two days is simply not enough and especially not if you use the same toys over and over again. I really do think that cats are not that much different than we are at that point. Would you like to do the same stuff over and over again? Right, it would bore you soon. I do think cats know boredom as well and this is why I became thoughtful. Now I do play everyday with my cat and I do try to bring in some variety, this helps a lot.

As you can see, it doesn’t even have to cost money. Some people often think that they would need to buy some toys. Some people buy a ball while they could also crunch a paper and create a paper ball, cats don’t make a difference there. The paper ball will rustle and crackle too if you throw the ball. My cat loves to hunt the white rustling ball.

You can think out so many ideas and I just wrote a few here. Maybe I will write more about cat game ideas some day. But I believe you will come up with some great stuff too. I suggest you to think about it when you do relax on the couch in the evening, or when you have time to think about it.

If you offer variety and more time, your cat will become playful and as said pretty creative too. Then it’ll be fun to notice the new enthusiasm of your cat.

I hope I was able to inspire you when it comes to cat game ideas. Feel free to comment here and mention some cat game ideas you came up with. So what are your cat game ideas?

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9 thoughts on “What you can do if your cat is bored…

  1. My cat never gets tired of hide and seek! He also likes to catch the mice that make a rattling noise when you toss it.

    1. It’s totally fun to play hide and seek with cats, they sometimes even do ask you for it 🙂 My cat does sometimes run in the other room, if I wouldn’t follow her, she would be mad… when i was new to cats, it took me a while to understand what she is doing, she likes hide and seek games 🙂

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