A Nostalgic Trip Back Into Second Life

I just dug out a dusty Second Life account that I created 13 years and 7 months ago. I can’t believe how time flies. Back in the days, I fell in love with Second Life. I’ve heard about this virtual world and thought it would be some kind of a game. Of course, interested in all kinds of games, I had to take a look. The reason why I stayed for a long time was that I discovered that it wasn’t exactly something you could call a game. I soon discovered that it was a virtual world where users could … Continue reading A Nostalgic Trip Back Into Second Life

When Creativity Meets Creativity

I recently met a new blogger, she dropped a comment on one of my older posts where I uploaded a photoshopped image of my cat Shyna. She told me that she would like to draw one of my cat photos, and I told her that I would be happy if she can get inspired by one of my photos, and that I would be very curious about the result. Most of the time, if I am not too busy, I visit the blogs of people who comment here, and that is basically how I learned about Laura from Create Art … Continue reading When Creativity Meets Creativity

I Have Fun With The Sandbox Game Called “Rising World”

I am usually not a great fan of Early Access games, because you never know if the developer will finish the game and if it was worth the money. Anyway, the Early Access game “Rising World” looked interesting and I did purchase the game a few days ago when I saw an offer. Although the game is still in development and not completely finished yet, it’s a lot of fun. I just want to write down my first impressions. If you know and liked Minecraft, you might like Rising World too, and the good thing is, you can get Rising … Continue reading I Have Fun With The Sandbox Game Called “Rising World”

Writing down ideas for the blog…

I would not call this article here a suggestion but it is something old school I rediscovered. It might be for some very common. But I am one of those who did forget how effective memos can be. If you are blogger, then you maybe know these days where your head is full of ideas but the problem is that you are too lazy to write an article or that you don´t have enough time due to other tasks. In such situation I often thought it would be enough to remember the ideas. But in my case, it is simply … Continue reading Writing down ideas for the blog…