Writing down ideas for the blog…

I would not call this article here a suggestion but it is something old school I rediscovered. It might be for some very common. But I am one of those who did forget how effective memos can be.

If you are blogger, then you maybe know these days where your head is full of ideas but the problem is that you are too lazy to write an article or that you don´t have enough time due to other tasks. In such situation I often thought it would be enough to remember the ideas. But in my case, it is simply not true. I believe that I forgot many great ideas, I wanted to write about on my blog. Simply because I might remember some ideas but not if I have many new ideas I would like to write about later…

That´s where old-fashioned notes are handy. Ok it does not have to be on paper. But creating a text file on the desktop for notes is good advice. I do it since some time now and it does not only allow me to remember to my ideas. It does also inspire me a lot. Sometimes I just wanted to write down one or two ideas, but I catch myself starting to write down even more ideas. If my ideas are written down, I often notice that I could create two things out of one idea and so.

Yes, notes are handy and some may laugh about my article here as notes are so common. But as you can see, there are people who rediscovered notes. I am one of them 😀 So, my suggestion of the day… write down everything in your mind. It is pretty helpful and can inspire a lot. It can really be like brainstorm and sometimes you are even surprised about your own creativity. If you forgot about notes, you might want to give them a second chance. 😉

8 thoughts on “Writing down ideas for the blog…

  1. I note constantly. At times my head can’t handle all the ideas and information thrown at it. I use a note book. But my main tool is evernote on my pc, phone etc. I can keep them organised, write and read anywhere. Anal somewhat. I do at times use stickies, mainly when studying, the book gets covered. Anyway that’s my thoughts, nothing wrong with notes!

    1. Agree, There are also so much other things in life we need or want to remember. This month was a great example… I had so many different appointments like meeting my lawyer several times and lot of other paperwork. Without notes I would have been stranded. And as you said.. then there are even more other informations we want to remember.

      The calendar app of my sony smartphone is already a good help as date reminder. But I always wanted to check out other apps where I just can write any spontaneous information down fast. I should check out evernote.

      1. One to check on android is any.do, it’s a to do list with alarms and notes. I use that daily along with evernote for things I want to keep for future reference. 🙂 take a look and see what you think.

  2. Actually many bloggers do this. I do it too. I do so many things and my mind goes from one thing to another so I usually write whatever comes to my mind on my phone, post it, notebook… Whatever at hand 🙂

    1. That is good. I found out it can be essential for blogging. Otherwise we would miss some good topics. 🙂 Sometimes I feel I can write up to 5 articles on a day and another day I am way too lazy for one article… but with a list, it is not a problem anymore. I can always write about the topics later 🙂 I wonder why didn´t have a list one year ago. But now it helps me 😀

      1. “I wonder why didn’t have a list one year ago.” Well…you learn things as time goes by and you get more productive 🙂

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