Battlefield 4 Open Beta Date Revealed

It´s now official. The Battlefield 4 Beta will start on October 1. This is now a fact according to a statement of the EA Chief Operating Officer Peter Moore on the EA website.

On the BF4 beta page, you can find out that the Conquest mode on the Siege of Shanghai map will be playable in the open beta. But it might be that we all will be surprised. I remember that they opened a second map on the last days of the BF3 beta. Maybe this will happen again in the BF4 beta? We can´t know yet. But Siege of Shanghai will be playable.

There will also be an exclusive beta for those who pre-ordered Battlefield 4 deluxe edition or for those who have purchased Battlefield 3 Premium or Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition. So the question when the exclusive beta of BF4 will start, is still open. One thing is sure. It will be logically earlier.

UPDATE: The exclusive beta will start October 1 and the open beta October 4 according to the BF4 beta page.

Me and my friends were pretty disappointed by Battlefield 3 and we all are BF2 and BF2142 veterans. Our opinion is that BF3 as a game can´t competite with BF2 apart from the good graphics, sounds and destruction. However, we all are nosy if BF4 will be somewhat better. That means we all are excited!

Are you excited and can´t wait to get your hands on the Battlefield 4 beta? Tell me your opinion in the comment section if you like.

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