Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

A wasp inside in my room

The photo above is my contribution for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside. The motto inside fits to my photo as a wasp should be outside and not inside. The wasp flew into my room and crashed into one window. The wasp did look a little bit dizzy and helpless on the ground. I guess the wasp was not healthy anymore before she found my window…

But as I am wasp poison allergic and as I was afraid that my cat could catch the wasp to fetch a sting, I decided to take the wasp to the outside with the help of a newspaper, after the photo shoot. For me this is not so harmless due to the fact that the consequence of a wasp sting could cause a lot of things like breathing trouble, swellings, rash and more. Fortunately nothing happened this time. But as said… the wasp didn´t look healthy anymore and couldn´t fly. Don´t know if the wasp survived outside.

I participated in a lot of the past Weekly Photo Challenges and you can find a lot of other photographs with stories on my blog, if you like.

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