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I Have Fun With The Sandbox Game Called “Rising World”

Rising World Screenshot

I am usually not a great fan of Early Access games, because you never know if the developer will finish the game and if it was worth the money. Anyway, the Early Access game “Rising World” looked interesting and I did purchase the game a few days ago when I saw an offer. Although the game is still in development and not completely finished yet, it’s a lot of fun. I just want to write down my first impressions.

If you know and liked Minecraft, you might like Rising World too, and the good thing is, you can get Rising World on Steam, that just aside because I know a lot of people like to collect games on Steam. Rising World is a voxel based open-world sandbox game, and as in Minecraft, the world is generated procedurally. You are put in a world with an axe and a pickaxe, you don’t own any other tools when you start, but you can create them later on.

Rising World has a crafting system too, before you can craft something, you do need to collect resources first, so that you can build other things with it. Without explaining everything you can build, you have to chop wood first, you can create lumber with it, and sticks, two other resources that are needed to craft other objects like torches and even crafting stations that will be used to create more advanced objects and tools. Now, wood is not the only resource you find, you will also need stones, coal, you get it, all kind of stuff. You can convert stones to blocks, and with blocks you can build a house or what ever you want.

As in most sandbox games, it’s about your creativity. If you ask me, I do already enjoy to discover randomly generated terrains, but I also like terraforming, if you allow me to call it that way. I do also like to create things, to get creative, and that is what sandbox games allow me to do. Like Minecraft, Rising World has a creative mode that is focusing on creation, and a mode that brings in survival elements, but I noticed the survival mode is not complete yet, there are at least not much monsters implemented yet, I just saw a bear attacking me, maybe there is more. But you can already hunt animals like sheep and pigs, and you can collect melons, you will need both in the survival mode because in this mode you do of course need to eat sometimes to survive.

Rising World is playable in single and multi-player, I do test the game in single-player currently, because none of my friends own the game, and I most likely can not convince them to play creative games, they prefer action. I didn’t dive too deep into Rising World yet, but I played the game already for over 10 hours and it’s definitely a lot of fun, I want to play more. I am not sure if I can suggest a game after playing it for 10 hours, but if you want to hear my first impression, yes, if you find a deal, get the game, it looks promising!

As mentioned, the game is a so-called Early Access game, you pay to get access to the game while it’s still in development and not fully released, and I promise you, I don’t like this trend either, but when a game is not finished but already fun, it makes me think different, especially when you can get it price reduced. If you want to have a game in your Steam library that is similar to Minecraft, I’d suggest to get the game!


  1. I don’t always read your tech posts Dennis as I don’t play a lot of complicated games but the creation aspect does appeal to me. I always enjoyed Sim City for that reason. It’s fun to build things and see them develop. I’m hopeless at action type games, my reactions are too slow. I could never even play Space Invaders successfully :).
    I also wanted to mention since you asked that sheep is one of those funny English words that is both singular and plural. You can have one sheep, ten sheep or a flock of sheep. You don’t need to add the “s” as you do with cows, pigs etc.

    • I loved Sim City as well, especially the older titles of the series as they were more complex than the newer ones that got simplified to attract more buyers. I bet I lost a lot of time of my life with Sim City, but that is ok, I enjoyed the game too 😀

      Although there are games out there that give you much more creative freedom than Sim City, I do agree that Sim City has creative aspects too. You explained it well, economic games like Sim City where you can watch a city grow, and where you influence how the city does grow, that is creative and fun too.

      Also thank you for the explanation about the word sheep, this is very helpful. This is indeed one of the confusing cases, might be hard to remember, but I already learned the difference between “people” and “peoples” and “the people”, I am sure I will memorize too that there is no “s” in the plural of “sheep” 🙂 Thank you!

      • You are welcome. On the subject of Sim City it is interesting to see what happens when you go down the idealistic road of clean power and recycyling and having lots of parks and trees in your city. In the short term you go into terrible debt. Well at least I did. Running a city is a juggling act. I also found that I fell into the trap of making an area so beautiful that it became too popular and suddenly was full of high rises and expensive mansions because everyone wanted to live there. In real life I hate that. I had become a developer! I haven’t tried all the versions of Sim City but did try the most recent one and was rather disappointed with it. I think Sim City 2000 is probably my favourite.

      • Sim City 4 was the last one I really liked, but I liked all previous games in the series too, such as the one you mentioned Sim City 2000 for example.

        In Sim City 4 I remember that I did the same. I did for example place the dumping ground in the outer districts, as same as the industrial areas, and power stations that produce “dirty energy” and anything that does produce smog or could upset my rich citizens 😀 Then I reduced taxes for the rich people and the tech industry, but only in the clean districts, in the rich district I did only use clean energy like wind turbines, if additional energy was needed at all, because they got their energy from the poor districts, and soon the rich district was booming with high rises and expansive mensions as in your case, also only the high tech industry wanted to settle there. I thought too “That’s cool, at least in a game, I created a perfectly seprated two class society, something I dislike in real” 😀

        Not sure if you ever played Sim City 4, but that was one of the good games too… it’s not a long time ago when EA did gift it to many users, as they have newer titles for sale. It seems I didn’t write about it… sometimes I can not mention all things that are going on, well, you know it, we write alone on our blogs… but in this case I wish I had mentioned it, so that you would have been able to grab Sim City 4 for free. Maybe I can remind you next time it happens, unless you own it already. 🙂

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