Very Beautiful Sunflower

Beautiful Sunflower

I walked through the garden with my mother on the weekend. She still likes to take pictures with her smartphone, although I let her practise with my DSLR too. We did for example take photos or portraits of each other, she likes to play with my camera too, and it’s good because I get photos of myself too on that way.

But we were also interested if there are still flowers in the parks near the gardens, and we found some cool photo subjects. I found the sunflower you can see in my photo and had to take a picture. I bet I have already many sunflower photos on my blog, but I like them so much that I would always take new ones. I hope you like the sunflower picture too.


6 thoughts on “Very Beautiful Sunflower

    1. That made me smile, because as an ex World of Warcraft player, your comment reminded me of this smiling sunflower:

      Back then you were able to get this thing as a gift after completing a certain mission. So, when you got this singing and smiling sunflower, you could make it follow you everywhere. When you went into the arena where people did battle against each other, it was too hilarious when you joined the fight with a cute sunflower 😀 The World of Warcraft developers definitely had a nice humor 🙂

    1. She does enjoy it too, I like to do things together with my mother and it’s good to see her interested in photography.. also it’s fun because I can get DSLR pictures of myself too on that way 😀

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