Fern Leave

In this post, I show you an experimental photo that I shot with my 40mm macro lens. I shot it the day I got the lens and when I wanted to try different things with it. I like fern plants and their leaves, they’re beautiful. It’s maybe because they look and grow perfectly. It’s maybe the symmetry I like. I actually liked them already when I was a kid. In the holidays, I always visited my grandparents on their campground in Salem, a very beautiful place with forests and lakes. With 8 years or so, I dug out a fern … Continue reading Fern Leave

Pretty Foggy

I noticed that I don’t have a lot of fog pictures on my blog. But I still have some in my folders, photos that I should upload over time to fill this category a little bit too. I shot the photo some time ago, at the time when I shot this and this photo. I like foggy days, and it’s a perfect time to go out, because it appears so calm and beautiful. Fog is very interesting, but it can be challenging in photography due to the bad lighting conditions. Continue reading Pretty Foggy

Very Beautiful Sunflower

I walked through the garden with my mother on the weekend. She still likes to take pictures with her smartphone, although I let her practise with my DSLR too. We did for example take photos or portraits of each other, she likes to play with my camera too, and it’s good because I get photos of myself too on that way. But we were also interested if there are still flowers in the parks near the gardens, and we found some cool photo subjects. I found the sunflower you can see in my photo and had to take a picture. … Continue reading Very Beautiful Sunflower

Just A New Flower Photo

Today in the morning I found some flowers on my hike through the gardens. You can see one of them in the photo, they look like daisies but I am not really sure if they are. The flower you see in the photo does actually look smaller than I saw them in real. They were much bigger than a usual daisy, especially the stem was quite long with around 20 or 30 cm. Most daisies I saw in the past were pretty tiny, it seems this is a big one that is not so common here, I did at least … Continue reading Just A New Flower Photo

Beautiful Nature

I walked near the Trave River today to see if I find anything interesting, to see if I can take more photos. I took quite a lot of photos but I am not happy with all of them. Talking about flowers now, I noticed that my kit lens really doesn’t do a great job for flower close-up shots, it’s simply not a macro lens. If I zoom in too much, it’ll be very hard and often even impossible to get the flower in focus. But you can get some neat results if you are not too close, it’s just not … Continue reading Beautiful Nature