Fern Leave

fern leave

In this post, I show you an experimental photo that I shot with my 40mm macro lens. I shot it the day I got the lens and when I wanted to try different things with it. I like fern plants and their leaves, they’re beautiful. It’s maybe because they look and grow perfectly. It’s maybe the symmetry I like. I actually liked them already when I was a kid. In the holidays, I always visited my grandparents on their campground in Salem, a very beautiful place with forests and lakes.

With 8 years or so, I dug out a fern plant because I thought my grandma would be interested to plant it on the plot of land they rented there. She thanked me but explained that it’s not good to dig out the forest plants and that we should enjoy nature with our eyes only. I understood that, but grandma didn’t want to disappoint me completely and planted it nonetheless. She just wanted to teach me something, and I still agree with what she taught me.

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