The annoying Feather Toy

I sometimes really like to annoy my cat Shyna as you can see in the video above. I found this video in one of my folders and that brings me straight to the point: I still have tons of video and photo material in my folders. I really should push out a lot of the material and upload it to my blog. There are still photos of all seasons and a lot of videos. The blog here is also meant to be a place where I upload good memories and all my experiences. So that I someday can look back. Yea, let´s say my blog is also my diary, my photo album and video arsenal.

I am sorry if I will run riot some days. I mean if I upload or post too much. At the moment I am still too lazy but I just mention it as it might happen one day that I push out a lot of things at once. The thing is that my folders are getting big. There are already some gigabyte of photos and videos I still would need to upload.

Back to my cat, I can tell you that she likes to play with the feather toy but not so much on the day when I captured the video above. There are a lot of thing you can do with a cat, and I do think it is important that they do not get bored. I did write an article about the topic some time ago. There are many ideas how you can play with a cat. I always try to give my cat some activity. The feather toy is one of the things we sometimes use to play.

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