Tiny dogs have a problem when there is too much snow…


My mother did send me this photo last days. I uploaded already some similar photos of her dog called Billy. They really had problems to go out with the dog because there was so much snow and well, Billy is a little Yorkshire Terrier.

8 thoughts on “Tiny dogs have a problem when there is too much snow…

      1. I have to admit it was from watching Brutus my parents miniature poodle in similar circumstances with snow, one day he had booties on. He kept lifting his paws out of the snow to look at them.

        1. Ok. This is the good thing about modern technology like smartphones today.. you have a camera with you today in almost every situation. Often possible to capture most moments today. Also good that we now can try to store those moments as long as possible in the internet.

          But you remind me I should search my old photographic albums and digitalize some of the good old photos too. 🙂

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