We Had A Frightening Weekend, My Grandma Came To The Hospital

I was quite frightened this weekend. On Friday I got a phone call and my mother told me that my grandma came to the hospital. She does have too high blood pressure at times but this time it was extremely high. Grandma was away from our city when this happened on Friday. The emergency service had to decide if they bring her to the nearest hospital or to our city hospital that was more far away. They decided to drive to the nearest hospital because she has been at risk to get a heart attack if it takes too much … Continue reading We Had A Frightening Weekend, My Grandma Came To The Hospital

Slowed down a little bit…

I slowed down my publishing tempo a little bit the last weeks and there are some reasons for it. First of all I wanted to be easy with my left hand for a while. I had a strange problem with my left hand. My left hand felt one day suddenly numb. I mean my thumb felt numb and the hand and arm like if I would have a muscle ache. Soon I noticed that I can´t even hold a one liter water bottle straight in my left hand anymore. When I did try it, it didn´t even hurt.. it was … Continue reading Slowed down a little bit…

My Cat after her Surgery

My cat Shyna had a surgery and I wrote about it. It was a castration and they also removed dental calculus. The evening after the surgery was pretty exhausting. Not only for my cat.. but also for me. It was sad to see my cat in such a bad condition because of the general anesthetic aftermath and I am pretty sure she felt pain as well. You can read in the comment section of the other blog post that it was not easy for me. Shyna lurched, dribbled and puked a lot. It was a long night for us both. … Continue reading My Cat after her Surgery

Daily Prompt: Your Time to Shine

The Daily Post asks: Early bird, or night owl? I must admit that I am probably rather a night owl. Like most of us, I do have to be active on the day but I feel much better if it´s night. In my free time I often prefer to be active the whole night. I can release much more creativity and satisfaction in the night. But I do have sleep problems anyway. My day and night rhythm can change so often. I sometimes even can´t control my sleep rhythm. Yes, it is abnormal. I talked with my doctor about the … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Your Time to Shine

The Date with the Veterinarian

Today I carried my cat Shyna to the veterinarian. We had a date there for castration and removing her dental calculus under general anesthetic. We did plan this all already on our last date. However, there was anyway a small examination today. They did weigh my cat again and told me her weight is 3.5 kg. They also listened to her heart and said that everything sounds ok. I carried her to the veterinarian at 9 am and they told me I can pick her up at 6 pm. I must say I was so nervous and I still am. … Continue reading The Date with the Veterinarian

My Cat Shyna Visited the Vet Today

As mentioned, my cat Shyna visited the Vet today and she was so brave! She endured it brave while she was a little bit shy, clueless and nervous. The doctor didn´t even have to hold her all the time. Shyna did sit on the table brave most of the time. I am so proud of her. I wrote already that we planed the date with the Veterinarian for early 2013. Today we did it because I wanted that my cat gets a immunization against cat plague and cat flu. Even if she is a home cat, I think it is … Continue reading My Cat Shyna Visited the Vet Today