We Had A Frightening Weekend, My Grandma Came To The Hospital

I was quite frightened this weekend. On Friday I got a phone call and my mother told me that my grandma came to the hospital. She does have too high blood pressure at times but this time it was extremely high. Grandma was away from our city when this happened on Friday. The emergency service had to decide if they bring her to the nearest hospital or to our city hospital that was more far away. They decided to drive to the nearest hospital because she has been at risk to get a heart attack if it takes too much time. That was a shock for the whole family and we all were frightened.

She is still in the hospital in the other city but the good news is that her blood pressure is now back to normal as they could intervene with medicine right away. They still need to monitor her but she can laugh again. Today in the morning they told her that she is in the bed since some days and that she can already walk as this is important for her circulatory, but as I know grandma, she did take the words too serious and walked five floors up and down and that four times in a row (She always enjoyed walking fast and much). She got a higher blood pressure again and the doctors told us that they didn´t say she should do sport, they meant she should just walk a few meters to get the circulatory back to normal. That means she must be still a little bit careful, but grandma probably thought “I can walk again? Cool, let me walk some miles up and down in the building”.

Even after the incident today, she is not in a critical condition as she had been on Friday, and we are very happy that she recovers. We just had to tell her “Slowly, don´t overdo and please listen what they tell you, ok?”. While they said they need to monitor her, we talked already about the alternative to transport her to our bigger city where we have a very specialized hospital. The doctor said that they probably manage that but she should be at least another week in that hospital when she arrives. Our city Lübeck has one of the best cardiology clinics worldwide. A lot of things were researched here. In general, we have a top clinic that is basically like a city in it´s own (It´s really as large like a city district). Also since grandma suffers from a congenital cardiac valvular defect, it´s probably the best place to examine her latest problem further.

While she is already ok now again, I really must say that Friday was one of these days that knock you immediately down to earth. What can happen, or what could happen, that is something I usually don´t think that much about. It´s because I don´t have much experience with it as there were not too big health problems in my family. As I didn´t know everything about the incident on Friday and my mother didn´t have that much details in this moment as well, we all were in panic. You maybe know what I mean, we just heard the words “Heart” and “Blood pressure” until we got more details from family members. This made us very afraid because you think about all kind of scenarios then. We are so happy that it didn´t came worse on Friday. Anyway, it´s that time when you think a lot about your loved ones, life, and the valuable time we all are allowed to spend together. What I experienced on Friday, I think that might be called fear of loss. When everything is good, we sometimes really forget that this is not taken for granted. These thoughts make me afraid. Anyway, now I just want to be happy that grandma feels already much better.

I had to get this out of my head anyhow.

4 thoughts on “We Had A Frightening Weekend, My Grandma Came To The Hospital

  1. It’s always a horrible moment when you get news thata relative is ill. I’m very glad to hear that your grandma is making good progress and I know you will all be much happier when she returns to Lubeck where she will get the best care and be closer to all of you.

    1. Yep, very horrible moments. The hospital where she is, that is not a bad one either as many of our hospitals are good, but it really will be much better for her and for us if she will be here in the city. We stayed extra long when we visited her as it is distanced and we didn´t want her to feel lonely there. Much better if she is here.

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