Just A Helicopter

It’s still not the perfect weather for photography, but I went outside anyway yesterday. I heard a chopper in the air and thought I could test my new lens again. The test photo was shot at 270mm, it doesn’t look that great due to the dark weather, but I am happy how far I get can with the lens. The photo is cropped, that means I was in fact further away, but I didn’t have to crop too much. I am happy that I can focus fast enough with the lens, it’s at least fast enough for me, and I … Continue reading Just A Helicopter

The Date with the Veterinarian

Today I carried my cat Shyna to the veterinarian. We had a date there for castration and removing her dental calculus under general anesthetic. We did plan this all already on our last date. However, there was anyway a small examination today. They did weigh my cat again and told me her weight is 3.5 kg. They also listened to her heart and said that everything sounds ok. I carried her to the veterinarian at 9 am and they told me I can pick her up at 6 pm. I must say I was so nervous and I still am. … Continue reading The Date with the Veterinarian

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

First of all let me note, I am on Pinterest now too. But now let me talk about the Weekly Photo Challenge. Here is my contribution to the “Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward“. It is a train (DB Class 295) in germany and well, a train rolls forward and that fact is why I do think the image fits to the challenge theme. 😉 I did capture the photo last summer 2012 and found it in my folders. I edited it a little bit today with Photoshop. I made some lens corrections like adding a vignette effect. I increased the brightness … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward