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Visited The Hospital Because Of The Trismus

UKSH Lübeck

I called the jaw surgery days ago and asked for an early appointment to check out my jaw. I mentioned that I suffer from Trismus since my last dental treatment.

The secretary of the jaw surgery said that I could only stop by next week as their waiting list is full. This is very common today in Germany. We never had this problem a decade ago but it´s now a new problem, you need to wait for everything but you get used to it. I thought I could wait until next week but then I realized that it even hurts if I want to brush my teeth. And the toothbrush does not fit between the top teeth and the teeth in the bottom. I was worried that it could get worse over the weekend as the opening of my mouth is more and more a problem.

I decided to visit the jaw surgery of the Hospital as it got worse. Also because they have opened 24 hours a day and you don´t need to call them, you just need some time. It´s waiting and sometimes hours as they logically set priorities. Patients with critical problems are fortunately always the first ones. I´m not a patient with a critical problem but today they had not much to do and I didn´t have to wait too long.

Even if my problem is not critical, the doctor did understand that it is an annoying problem and I told her also that it´s a pain to brush my teeth or to eat something. In fact it is even difficult at the moment. She said that she can understand me and that it is ok that I stopped by if I didn´t get an early appointment from my usual jaw surgery. She made some tests and moved my jaws and it was a real pain. She also saw that my mouth opening is less than 0.5 inches and said that this is not good.

She said that my jaw joint on the right side seems to be pretty stressed by the dental treatment but she couldn´t find anything with the ultrasonic test. I mean no infection or inflammation. But the area around the muscles and jaw joint seems to be constricted. I got Ibuprofen regarding the pain and Omeprazol (In case I get stomach trouble because of the Ibuprofen) on prescription.

Then she mentioned that I should talk to my dentist on Monday. She said I might need a splint for a while, so that my jaw gets out of the relieving posture. She also said that my dentist should write a letter of referral for physiotherapy. I should eat more soft dishes for a while and heat would be ok for my jaw too. I asked how long it might take until everything is back to normal and she answered “It might take some months, same as if you would have trouble with your knee joint!”. Oh my god! I think it will never end. This year started with a cold, with dental treatments and now this. Bad luck since last December.

I wonder what the other surgeon did with me when I was sleeping. I hope he didn´t work brutal. I mean how can I get jaw problems after a dental treatment? Or shouldn´t I blame him? I mentioned in my other article if I remember right, that my mouth corner was torn too after the dental treatment, at least for some days. Did he open my mouth too far while I was sleeping? But the doctor today just explained that the jaw joint can take a lot of punishment after a “difficult” dental treatment. So, maybe I shouldn´t blame the other doctor.

However, I am pissed that my run of bad luck won´t end. But maybe I should just say “There are things that can be much worse”. It´s not a critical problem but annoying. It simply results in more appointments with the physiotherapy soon and after this I am not even finished with the other things as the dentist needs to make a restoration and later the dental bridge over two teeth, oh and also the professional tooth cleaning. But he can only start if I get my mouth opened far enough again.

Looks like there are a lot of appointments over the next months. But well, that´s important. Just needed to write this down, as it makes me feel better.

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