Swimming Sport

I still go running but there are days when I have aching muscles. But I dislike the idea to do nothing at days when my legs can’t run. So, I had the glorious idea to look for an alternative sport so that I can fill these days. One thing that came to my mind was swimming, and I don’t mean splashing around, I really mean swimming laps. I could still do the splashing after the laps, like jumping from the spring-board and so. Well, today was that day. Since some time, my new motto is “Stop thinking, start doing it”, … Continue reading Swimming Sport

Kitty Ping-Pong And Some Thoughts About Teaching Cats

Do you know kitty ping-pong? If not, watch my attached video. My cat loves to play a variant of ping-pong. I roll a ball in her direction and she shoots the ball back to me and sometimes also in other directions. To be honest, I taught her this game. I did roll the ball in front of her paws and waited if she would use her paws to roll it back to me. When this happened, I did give her a reward, one of her favorite cat treats. We did repeat this quite often until she started to understand the … Continue reading Kitty Ping-Pong And Some Thoughts About Teaching Cats

Anywhere Near The Trave River

I shot this image in Lübeck anywhere near the Trave River that flows through our city. The water you see on the photo is a branch of the main river. I walk there sometimes because you can find insects and flowers there and in summer I also jog and walk there as many people do. The river is long so that you can always start from a different point if you like. Continue reading Anywhere Near The Trave River

It´s Not Bad To Teach Your Cat Tricks

I have read in many cat forums and the general opinion seems to be that it is not ok to teach a cat tricks. Is it really not good to teach a cat tricks? In this article you will read my opinion. If you ask me and if you want my honest answer,… Don´t listen to the jabbering you can find in all the cat forums where people mean they would be experts. Especially house cats need activity. Remember they have a small areal and they can´t do things they would otherwise do outside, like hunting for example. Any kind … Continue reading It´s Not Bad To Teach Your Cat Tricks

How To Teach A Cat The Meerkat Trick Or The Stand Trick

I mentioned that I taught Shyna some tricks as she is really smart. Some time ago she started to stand up and it looked like she would imitate a Meerkat. Later I did have the idea to teach her some tricks and the Meerkat trick was on the list too. It´s not that difficult to teach as you might think. All you need is patience and a good idea how to do it. In case you have a cat and in case you are interested to teach the Meerkat trick, I will tell you how to do this. All you … Continue reading How To Teach A Cat The Meerkat Trick Or The Stand Trick

Happy Anniversary with WordPress! Cool!

Yesterday when I logged in to my blog, I noticed a “Happy Anniversary” symbol in the WordPress header. It mentioned “Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com!” and “You registered on WordPress.com 2 years ago! Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!”. I am really amazed that I am on this blog here already for two years now. I checked out my archive and noticed that I started out pretty slowly the first months in 2011 but I became more interested in blogging 2012. My activity in 2013 looks already fine too. I noticed it already earlier and this is … Continue reading Happy Anniversary with WordPress! Cool!