Happy Anniversary with WordPress! Cool!

Yesterday when I logged in to my blog, I noticed a “Happy Anniversary” symbol in the WordPress header. It mentioned “Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com!” and “You registered on WordPress.com 2 years ago! Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!”.

I am really amazed that I am on this blog here already for two years now. I checked out my archive and noticed that I started out pretty slowly the first months in 2011 but I became more interested in blogging 2012. My activity in 2013 looks already fine too. I noticed it already earlier and this is why I purchased a Domain Name for the blog in February 2013.

So here is how my activity or interest in blogging changed over time. I think I got more and more ideas for blog posts too and I guess that is another reason why my activity increased…

March 2011 (2 Blog Posts)
November 2011 (11 Blog Posts)
December 2011 (1 Blog Posts)
January 2012 (8 Blog Posts)
February 2012 (3 Blog Posts)
March 2012 (2 Blog Posts)
April 2012 (1 Blog Posts)
May 2012 (6 Blog Posts)
June 2012 (19 Blog Posts)
July 2012 (43 Blog Posts)
August 2012 (35 Blog Posts)
September 2012 (45 Blog Posts)
October 2012 (17 Blog Posts)
November 2012 (20 Blog Posts)
December 2012 (5 Blog Posts)
January 2013 (40 Blog Posts)
February 2013 (32 Blog Posts)

I pretty much like to play with Open Office since I had to use it in several jobs in the past. It is something I still enjoy today at home. That´s why I did create a small diagram now too. It basically shows my blogging activity over time…


I just can say it again. I am somewhat amazed how my activity has changed over time. It is not really a sign that it will be like the last months on the diagram all the time. It might happen that I get lazy but one thing is sure. I won´t delete the blog. Because I can login when ever I want to write something. As said in any other blog post. I do not force me to anything. I just want to have a place where I can write down some stuff. And I must admit that WordPress gives a lot of inspiration with things like the Weekly Photo Challenge and Daily Prompt. And the achievements which can pop up in the dashboard are fun too. My photos help me to get inspiration to write something down too. And for sure all the other interesting bloggers out there. They can inspire you too. And the socializing is fun too while blogging! All this means I will be around here and I guess for a long time.

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