Oh man! Criminal act? I had to laugh!

What a wonderful day. Sunshine, cheerfulness. Time to walk out to make purchases. After shopping I did leave the mall. Arrived outside of the mall near the parking lot I did hear a familiar voice “Dennis! Look over here! This men said we can´t go home and he is calling the police!”. Some steps towards the parking lot, I noticed it´s my little cousin (Son of my uncle) with two of his friends. He is 10 years old and I guess his friends too. I was shocked and asked the men who seemed to have a problem with the kids … Continue reading Oh man! Criminal act? I had to laugh!

You need to close your shop on Sunday!

I pretty much hate bureaucracy and outdated rules. Today I went to my turkish fruit dealer or call it a kiosk as they sell much more then fruits and vegetables. I know these people since some time now and they are very friendly. One of the owners asked me to sign on a paper and I asked what it is about. She told me that they were visitied by a person from the city administration and got a warning. I dont know much about our german business laws and rules but as far as I do understand what the shop … Continue reading You need to close your shop on Sunday!

Some Details about Fish

Today I just started to create an Fish Database in my Blog. Well I just finished the first detailed Post about a Fish. I think I will create some more Posts about other Fish as well so that I have my own little Database here on the Blog. I start of with Fishes I have in my own Fish Tank. As always it will take some time as I am a lazy blogger and I do only write if I feel to do so. I mainly do this to have a nice intern link structure. So that I can link … Continue reading Some Details about Fish

Aquarium fishes introduced: Siamese Algae Eater (SAE)

Common Name: Siamese Algae Eater (SAE) Scientific Name: Crossocheilus siamensis German Name: Siamesische Rüsselbarbe Family: Cyprinidae Species : Epalzeorhynchos kalopterus Habitat: South-East Asia. Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia / This bottom-dwelling fish is found in mainland of South-East Asia in the Chao Phraya, Mekong, Thade and Xe Bang Fai basins and also at Malay Peninsula. Their natural habitats are rivers, stream and also flooded forest during rainy season. Maximum Size: Will grow up to round about 6 inches (15cm) pH: They tolerate a pH between 5.5 – 8.0 but 6.0 – 7,5 is better Total Hardness: They seems to love soft … Continue reading Aquarium fishes introduced: Siamese Algae Eater (SAE)

Oh that smacks!

Ok its out now. I love Salad! When I was younger my Grandma always made a Salad which we enjoyed after the Dinner. Yea that was Grandma´s Tradition and I still love Salad today. Today I often make my own Salad but similar like my Grandma´s Salad. Maybe I just did put my Ideas in. I usualy slice in Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Onions, Bell Peppers and either Sheep’s (Milk) Cheese or Mozzarella and use one of these ready2go Dressing´s with Garden Herbs which is Powder I just have to mix with a little bit Water and Sunflower Oil. Yea it´s the … Continue reading Oh that smacks!

Golden Wedding… almost inpossible today?

I have a Topic here I wanted to write about but I was to lazy last days. But I come up with it today. Last weekend me, the whole Family and Friends of my Grandma and Grandpa were invited to the Celebration of ther Golden Wedding. In Germany we call it “Goldene Hochzeit” and it is the Celebration of being married since 50 Years. I just explain because I wasn´t sure if you call it like above and if it is the same there. However. We all did meet up in a Restaurant near a little Sea in the Nature. … Continue reading Golden Wedding… almost inpossible today?