Oh that smacks!

This is my Salad Ok its out now. I love Salad! When I was younger my Grandma always made a Salad which we enjoyed after the Dinner. Yea that was Grandma´s Tradition and I still love Salad today.

Today I often make my own Salad but similar like my Grandma´s Salad. Maybe I just did put my Ideas in.

I usualy slice in Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Onions, Bell Peppers and either Sheep’s (Milk) Cheese or Mozzarella and use one of these ready2go Dressing´s with Garden Herbs which is Powder I just have to mix with a little bit Water and Sunflower Oil. Yea it´s the fast way to make Dressing but this one is really good and anyway I must mention my laziness at this Point. 🙂

Indeed I am not a Master Chef but this is also easy task for me and Family said it smacks. Right! Tasty and makes you think “Mmhh I´m full!” soon even if it´s almost only vegetables. Above you see a Photo of my Salad.

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