A Meatball… We call it Frikadelle in Germany

What you see above is a Meatball, called Frikadelle in Germany. This is pretty famous in Germany. We do eat that often. But we make more Meatballs for each Person, then you can see on the Photos above. It is just one Meatball because the Husband of my Mother filled Bell Peppers with Meat and there was still some Meat over. He then created one Meatball for us all and I found that funny. I love Meatballs. Continue reading A Meatball… We call it Frikadelle in Germany

Oh that smacks!

Ok its out now. I love Salad! When I was younger my Grandma always made a Salad which we enjoyed after the Dinner. Yea that was Grandma´s Tradition and I still love Salad today. Today I often make my own Salad but similar like my Grandma´s Salad. Maybe I just did put my Ideas in. I usualy slice in Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Onions, Bell Peppers and either Sheep’s (Milk) Cheese or Mozzarella and use one of these ready2go Dressing´s with Garden Herbs which is Powder I just have to mix with a little bit Water and Sunflower Oil. Yea it´s the … Continue reading Oh that smacks!